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Products on Education:

 1.School Administrative     Management System
Products on Engineering Industries:

 1.Material Management    System
 2.Employee Management    System
 3.Boiler Billing System
Products on Healthcare:

 1.Clinic Information System
 2.Patient Management System
   To Serve Humanity Through Technology

Incorporated in the year 1997, SriCommed Consultancy Services Private Limited offers its services in a wide range of fields like IT, Medical, Engineering and Human Resources. Initially in the business of supplying world class medical equipment, SriCommed diversified into IT and Human Resources Development.

Managed by a team of young and dynamic technocrats,SriCommed made inroads in the field of Information Technology offering high quality software solutions.

Powered by expertise and innovation, SriCommed is emerging as a leader in the Educational Software Development, offering high quality solution to a wide range of applications. It has carved a niche for itself in IT services by developing software solutions for Health Care Industry.

SriCommed trains and grooms young software engineers to highly skilled professionals capable of taking up any demanding position in today's most challenging field i.e. Information Technology

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